As a child in Jamaica I grew up in a time when coming to America was the ultimate dream. People from all over the world coveted the American lifestyle with its manicured lawns, beautiful homes, and happy healthy children playing in the yard or riding their bikes in the neighborhood.

Now all of that has changed and many Americans are moving to foreign lands just to find work, some are struggling to make a living,and feed their families.

Here are 5 things I learned from the economic recession:

1. Corporate America is dead! They are no more. Listen to the news and the politicians and you can hear it clear as day. The corporate leaders are thinking about business from a global perspective. Corporate Global demonstrate through their behavior not just their hubris, but their lack of regard for America and her people. The are only focused on themselves and more often than not, think global not about you or the country.

2. If you have an idea work on it in private at home. Start your own business. Become an entrepreneur. Your ideas are valuable and you could be the next Mark Zuckerberg. You could create the new LinkedIn or Twitter. Do not mention your idea to your company or your boss. They will steal it from you and not even bat an eye or feel the least bit of sympathy as they crush you. They will tell you 'it's nothing personal, its only business."

3. Patent that idea and don't tell a soul until all the the pieces are in place. Remember in the Facebook movie how Zuckerberg refused to tell anyone about his progress? That's what you have to do. If you share your idea even a little, Corporate Global will steal it from you.

4. Learn from Corporate Global and find staff overseas. You can get great talent at affordable rates. This of course entails a bit of vetting and cultural understanding, but it can be done. I have several overseas staff that I have used for years. They are affordable and their work is top notch.

5. Maintain a global mindset as you execute on the strategies that will bring your ideas to fruition. Use your social media marketing connections to get the word out, both about your business and your need for qualified affordable virtual staff. Continue to extend your global reach through social media connections and go for your dreams.

Like I said, Corporate America is dead but your ideas are alive, and who knows, you could be the next Zuckerberg!